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Fall II Semester Begins October 22nd, 2018



All Fall Semester rentals are due NO LATER than December 18th, 2018.  After you finish your exams, drop off your rental/rentals so that you will not forget.  Any rental not returned by 5:00 PM on the 18th will result in a charge late fees and the replacement value of the book/books.  There will be no exceptions.  If you have a first 8 week course you may return you rental after your exam.  You do not have to wait until December 18th to return your rental books.


Don't forget to sign up for our new App Card.  It is a free service and you can earn points with each purchase made.  The same card can be used in the bookstore and Fire Ant Cafe'.  Your points you earn in the bookstore can only be used in the bookstore.  All textbook/e-book purchases and textbook rentals will earn you points.  Points cannot be redeemed towards textbook and e-book purchases or textbook rentals. Please make sure to swipe your app card or key in your mobile number before cashier begins scanning merchandise to assure your new points will be added to your account.