Students must have their school ID to be able to rent, purchase or sell back textbooks.



 Keep Your Receipt                 


You must have your receipt for refunds.


You have one full week from the 1st day of your class for refunds.

Refunds will be given under the following conditions only.


1)      You must have dropped the course or withdrew from school. Refunds are not given because a student decides he or she doesn’t want the book, purchased it elsewhere or borrowed it from someone else.

2)      You must have your receipt, school ID and drop slip.

3)      New books must be in mint condition.  If they are shrink wrap it MUST NOT be opened.  Any E-book or access code Must Not be opened.  No marks should be written in a book until you are certain you are going to keep it.  Marked books can only be given a used book price.

4)      After return/exchange date has passed all textbook & course material sales are final. No Exceptions will be made.