Please Read the information below for Policies regarding purchasing and returning books.



In Store:

We are excited to see you in the store. Before you arrive, please make sure you have yourStudent ID card with you. All book purchases, rentals, and returns require us to scan your Id card. Please also bring your complete schedule so we can looks up what books you need.

Online Orders:

Thank you for purchasing from the bookstore. You will be required to make an account with your USC ID as your username (Example- J12345678). Please use the students name for account creation and shipping or pickup. The billing address must correlate with the card information. 



Books purchased from the USC Sumter Bookstore are non-returnable unless documentation showing proof of withdrawal/drop of class before the University's add/drop deadline (usually 5 days after classes start). 

Any book purchased with an access code may not be returned if shrink wrap is open or code has been used.  Please contact the USC Sumter Bookstore if you have any questions regarding this policy.


Refunds will be given under the following conditions only.

1)      You must have dropped the course or withdrew from school. Refunds are not given because a student decides he or she doesn’t want the book, purchased it   elsewhere or borrowed it from someone else.

2)      You must have your receipt, school ID and drop slip.

3)      New books must be in mint condition.  If they are shrink wrap it MUST NOT be opened.  Any E-book or access code Must Not be opened.  No marks should be written in a book until you are certain you are going to keep it.  Marked books can only be given a used book price.

4)      After return/exchange date has passed all textbook & course material sales are final. No Exceptions will be made.